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Creating a comfortable stay for you and your loved ones!

Whether you’re living in your own home or shared facilities, our skilled team members assist you to build a plan as per the requirements within our key support specialisations. They also guide you to acquire personal skills to live an independent life.

We provide housing options, including apartments and shared homes as well as studio flats for single occupancy, and can be used for any of the following categories:

Assistance with Community Access

Our support workers assist the participants with a range of activities in a group such as socialising with others, participating in community events, taking part in games, etc. Aside from that, we help your loved ones in gaining the skills required to accomplish all tasks independently.

In addition, we also provide high-intensity care for NDIS participants requiring extensive support as per the plan. If you or your loved ones need a small amount of assistance while you’re recovering from an illness or surgery, we can visit you at a regular time each day, week, or month. Our services are flexible and can be modified at any time. 

  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)
  • Short Term Accommodation (STA)
  • Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)
  • Individual Housing and Support
  • Shared Housing and Support
  • Individual Living Support
  • Supported Disability Accommodation (SDA)
Give you the feeling of being at home!

Short-term  accommodation services include a variety of options, such as accessible hotels or vacation rentals, respite care facilities, and group homes. We manage a temporary living situation for your loved ones who need extra support or assistance with daily tasks.

Under short-term accommodation, we also offer specialised services, such as physical therapy or occupational therapy, to help improve your loved ones independence and quality of life.

Our Short Term Accommodation services are located in Hervey Bay and give you the opportunity to meet friends and try new activities while giving your family and support workers a short break from daily activities.

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