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About Us

Liberty Health Services

Liberty Health Services,  an NDIS-approved provider of disability services, was created by a driven group of registered nurses with an emphasis on individualised, high-quality treatment while promoting individual independence. We collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as doctors and physician assistants, to develop and implement treatment regimens, as we offer a broad range of well-being and lifestyle services.

We also bring top-notch service and care right to your front door or wherever it’s needed. We help you with daily tasks and make sure you reach your goals in a place that’s familiar and comfortable for you or your loved ones. This builds confidence, empathy, respect, and integrity.

Also, in Queensland and South Australia, Liberty Health Services offers flexible support, SIL, and both short-term and medium-term care.

We Uphold

We uphold support for  people with disabilities, assisting them in overcoming obstacles and challenges by offering high-quality care to make their lives easier.


Building independence for a fulfilling life.


We pour our heart into personal care.


We resonate and deliver our values with conviction.


We respect everyone’s beliefs, gender, and background.

Helping you live a better & brighter life

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