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Registered NDIS Provider in Australia

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Who We Are?

Liberty Health Services for disabled persons typically include a wide range of support and assistance to help them lead as independent and fulfilling a life as possible.

We are ready to support anyone who requires help from an NDIS provider whatever their disability or level of ability. Moreover, we have a great deal of expertise working with participants who have particular demands. So, once you engage with Liberty Health Services, you can rely on us as a trusted health partner.

Our Services

Our experts are trained in providing unique and specialised services to people with disabilities utilising the benefits of the NDIS plan. We understand the challenges that disabled people face, and we are committed to assisting them in living as independently as possible.

Personal Care

Personal and Domestic Assistance helps a disabled person that requires assistance from another person on a daily basis and in accomplishing household chores. It is crucial to select who will be assisting the disabled and understand individual needs.

Community Participation and Transport

Community Participation and Transport are services for disabled people to ensure that they have equal access to opportunities and resources. Community participation includes access to education, employment, and healthcare as well as participation in civic and cultural activities.

Community Nursing

Nursing Health Care services are for disabled people which involves providing medical care and support to individuals with physical, mental and developmental disabilities. A personalised care plan is required when a critical situation is identified in a checkup.

Domestic Assistance

You will no longer have to worry about your domestic task, with our assistance in household tasks for NDIS participants. Our support workers are well-equipped and experienced in assisting you and your loved ones with household tasks.

Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living (SIL) assists you or your loved ones with daily duties so that you can live more comfortably. Depending on your particular demands, SIL can take many different shapes, classified as SIL or Specialised Disability Accommodation (SDA).


Short-Term Accommodation Services are for accommodations for disabled individuals which can include accessible hotels, vacation rentals, respite care facilities, and group homes. We offer physical therapy or occupational therapy to help improve your quality of life.

Why Choose Liberty Instead?

Liberty Health Services  is an NDIS registered support care provider founded by a group of Professional Nurses. Choosing Liberty Health Care means having a good companion for you or your loved ones, someone who believes in providing high-quality care from physical to mental health care, as well as in their daily personal tasks. The following things make us different;

Individualised Packages

We have packages of services where you can choose the best option for you or your loved ones for a better and healthy life.

Controlled Care

Our trained support workers ascertain each participant’s needs and provide services that are specific to their needs.

NDIS Support

We offer an extensive range of NDIS Support, from managing the plan to putting it into action for you or your loved ones.

Professional Support Workers

We match you with the highly experienced Support Worker that speaks your language, shares your interests and delivers service.

What our clients think about us?

We have garnered reviews and testimonials from our clients that are showered with love and blessings for the services we provide.

Mr Keai

Liberty Health Services takes good care of me.

Carlos Clara

Fantastic care 100% , Five star service , Recommend 100% to everyone, Very friendly, Thanks for care Nav

Sam Moxon

Liberty Health Services have been fabulous. They go above and beyond to ensure the client is happy and well cared for. They are quick to respond to enquiries and assist in any way they can.

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