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Community Nursing (Medication Management)

Nursing Care
(Medication Management)

Care gives new hope, respect, and companionship!

Nursing health care services for disabled people involve providing medical care and support to individuals with physical, mental, and developmental disabilities. Our professional nurses will take note of your physical condition and will develop a personalised care plan if a critical situation is identified. The following assistance you get in nursing care:

Diabetes Care
If you or a loved one has diabetes, diabetic nursing care services will provide you with specialised care and support. This may include medication management, monitoring blood sugar levels, and providing education on healthy lifestyle choices.

Wound Care
If you or a loved one has wounds, wound nursing care services will provide you with specialised care and support. This may include regular wound assessments, dressing changes, and education on wound care management under the guidance of health professionals.

Pulmonary Care
Pulmonary Care services for you or your loved ones may include assessment,diagnosis, and treatment of lung conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma. Services may include breathing exercises, medication management, oxygen therapy, and assistive devices such as nebulizers and inhalers. In addition, pulmonary rehabilitation programs may be available to improve lung function and the overall physical fitness of your loved ones.

Infection Control
Infection control is an important aspect of nursing care. This includes implementing measures to prevent the spread of infection and to protect vulnerable loved ones from contracting infections.

Vitals Monitoring
You or Your loved ones can benefit a lot from the vitals monitoring services. Under this vital monitoring service, your loved ones are tracked by sensors so that their heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels can be monitored. These sensors can be linked to a computer or mobile device, enabling a support worker or medical expert to keep an eye on your loved ones’ vital signs from a distance.

Tube Feeding
Tube feeding is a method of delivering nutrition directly to the stomach or small intestine through a tube that is inserted through the nose or mouth, or surgically through the abdomen. For you or your loved ones, there are various types of tube feeding services available such as home tube feeding, in-home nursing, inpatient hospital care, and assisted living/long-term care facilities. This service is provided for you or your loved ones through trained healthcare professionals or under their supervision.

Catheter Care
Catheter care is a medical service that helps you or your loved ones to manage their urinary and/or faecal incontinence by managing their catheters, feeding tubes, or other types of devices. This service eases your loved ones who have difficulty walking, are wheelchair-bound, or have limited muscle control or motor function. In many cases, catheter care can allow you or your loved ones to enjoy a greater level of independence.

Medication Administration
Medication administration services involve the safe and accurate delivery of medications to you or your loved ones who may have difficulty administering their own medications due to physical or mental disabilities.These services will be provided in a variety of settings, including in-home care, assisted living facilities, and long-term care facilities under the supervision of health experts.

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