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Personal Care

Personal Care & Domestic

One reason why personal and domestic assistance may be needed is a disability or health condition that makes daily tasks difficult or impossible for the disabled person to perform on their own. For example, a person with paralysis may need someone to help them take a bath, cook food, or do basic hygiene. A person with dementia may need someone to help them prepare meals and organise their day-to-day activities.Our support workers are trained to understand individual needs and provide assistance as needed. The list of services we have included are;

Domestic Assistance

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Cleaning services for you or your loved ones may be a valuable resource for those who have difficulty cleaning their homes or offices on their own. These services can help those with disabilities clean in a safe and comfortable environment. They can also aid in the prevention of the spread of germs and other contaminants, which can be difficult for those with limited mobility or vision to manage on their own.It should be supplied with the necessary care and attention, just like any other service or product, to ensure that they are delivered as effectively as possible.

Many individuals with disabilities may not have the necessary knowledge or skills to care for their clothes properly. This can lead to poorly maintained or cared-for clothing, which can negatively affect its appearance and functionality. In some cases, it may be necessary to hire a professional laundry service provider to ensure that the clothes are properly cared for and maintained. Laundry services for disabled individuals in Australia can help to make life easier by providing an essential service that allows people with disabilities to look and feel their best.

Cooking services are an excellent way to assist you or your loved ones in enjoying a variety of meals. These services can be tailored to meet you or your loved ones specific needs and preferences. In some cases, these services may include preparing meals, cooking, and serving in your home or in a restaurant setting. In other cases, these services may include preparing meals if you or your loved ones are not able to prepare food. So no matter what your situation is, there is likely a cooking service that can help you get the nutrients you need and support your independence.

Personal Shopping
Personal shopping services are a great way for the disabled person in your life to get the items they need, whether it’s food, clothing, or household products. If you’re looking for an effective way to support a loved one with a disability, look no further than personalised shopping services. These services allow you to tailor your purchases based on your loved one’s individual needs and preferences, making it easier for them to navigate shopping for their own needs.

Home Organisation
Home organisation services for you or your loved ones can be a wonderful and helpful way to help in maintaining your homes and simplify your lives.These services can include things like organising and managing the home’s contents, assisting with daily tasks, providing support and assistance in various settings. By taking on these responsibilities themselves, individuals can feel more in control of their lives and have greater control over their environment.

House Sitting
House sitting services for you or your loved ones are a great way to live independently while still having access to the comfort and security of a home. These services can include taking care of housekeeping, caring for animals, and providing assistance with daily tasks. These services can be especially beneficial for your loved ones who may not be able to manage on their own. In some cases, these services can also help reduce the cost of maintaining a home by providing additional income.

Personal Assistance

Personal assistance service allows you or your loved ones to receive support and assistance from a professional support worker. This can be in the form of help with daily tasks such as bathing, eating, and dressing, or it can include providing emotional support, guidance, or other forms of support. These services can be beneficial for your loved ones as they can provide them with much needed help and support in their day-to-day lives.

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Personal Assistance Activities services are for those who are NDIS participants. The motive behind these services is to make their daily life easy and comfortable so that they can have independence in their life. The daily activities we assist your loved ones include:

Homemaking Assistance
Homemaking assistance can help you or your loved ones with tasks such as cleaning, laundry, and meal preparation. This type of assistance is helpful when you have mobility or dexterity limitations.

Transportation Assistance
Travelling can be a challenge for you or your loved ones, especially if you are unable to drive. Transportation assistance can help with everything from getting to appointments to running errands.

Respite Care
Respite care provides a break for family support workers, allowing them to take time off to rest and recharge. This type of services provide temporary care for your loved ones when your primary support worker is unavailable.It can also provide an opportunity for you or your loved ones to engage in leisure activities, pursue hobbies, and form friendships outside their home settings.

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