High Intensity Care SupportHigh Intensity Care Support Under NDIS

Whether you are in Brisbane, Toowoomba or Sunshine Coast, if you are a participant or your loved one is and requires high-intensity care, you will need to look for an organisation that provides the same. But you might be wondering about the services that are included in high-intensity care. If that’s the case, you need to go through this discussion as we have discussed the activities with which the support workers assist the participants.

  1. Complex Bowel Care

A participant requiring high-intensity care under NDIS in Brisbane might face continence or diarrhoea-like symptoms. So, naturally, managing them without expertise can be difficult. Moreover, improper management can affect the participant directly or indirectly. So, in this situation, a trained support worker will have to manage this condition.

  1. Enteral Feeding 

The support workers will also help participants with enteral feeding if they are unable to have food. As you can well imagine, fitting the tube and feeding the participant requires skills. So, this is carried out by support workers having specialisation in high-intensity care in coordination with doctors and other support workers.

  1. Tracheostomy Care

A participant might require tracheostomy care. For that reason, the support workers providing disability and NDIS support services in Sunshine Coast include this service.

Here, they will be using the equipment as directed by the physician so that the participant can breathe without difficulties. However, managing tracheostomy requires years of expertise and hence, only the best professionals managing high-intensity care are assigned to do the job.

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  1. Catheter Care

Urine support is another support service that is included in high-intensity care. Here, the support workers will manage the catheter that helps in urination, and you can naturally understand that managing this problem requires expertise.

Another problem that participants help resolve is frequent urination. Many participants fail to control their urine. So, the professionals manage them as well and make their lives convenient.

  1. Ventilation

Another service that the professionals employed in NDIS health and personal care in Toowoomba and other Brisbane suburbs are none other than ventilation.

A participant requiring a high level of support might need ventilation which falls under the purview of critical care. So, this is the service that experienced support workers provide under the NDIS scheme.

  1. Subcutaneous Injection

A participant requiring a high level of support might require subcutaneous injections containing medicines. So, this is another service that is included under NDIS.

The support workers administering the injections are trained in managing participants facing issues regarding medication that can only be administered through injections. So, if your loved one who is a participant requires an injection, rest assured that this high-level support will meet his or her needs.

  1. Support With Daily Activities

Even though NDIS high-intensity care services mainly circle around critical care, this service also includes support with daily activities such as meal preparation, delivery, communicating with others, etc.

So, these are a few things that are included in this service that is designed for participants requiring critical care.

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