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There is no dearth of any NDIS service providers in and around Brisbane. However, not all of them are equally competent – only some are. Thus, you must hire the best one, so as to make the most of your NDIS funding. To ensure that you have one of the best NDIS providers near Gold Coast, you must ask the service providers a few questions.

What services do you provide?

When it comes to offering NDIS service, there are so many aspects to cover – supported independent living, daily personal activities, assistance to daily household tasks, transport assistance, community participation, respite care are a few to name. Thus, you must ask the NDIS service provider of your location, whether it covers all the aspects of NDIS support and care service, so that it becomes your one stop solution.

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Are you registered or non registered?

There are two types of NDIS service providers  – registered and non registered. The ones that are registered would follow all the Government propagated safety standards, rules and regulations in regards to support care and funding and are naturally, the best and the safest to put stakes on. Avoid hiring their non registered counterparts, as there are no independent validations available to their service. Registered service providers are the safest to put money on.

Do you offer 24×7 services?

NDIS service comes in time bound forms as well as in the form of 24×7 service, depending on the extent of assistance needed. Thus, do not forget to ask whether the NDIS Support Coordination in Brisbane that they provide 24×7, and if so, whether they provide a credible respite care to give welcome break to the support workers.

Can you provide us with the other clients’ contact?

This is another very pertinent question you need to ask. Ask whether they will be able to provide the contact numbers of the previous or other customers so that you can get the first hand report about the service they provide.

Do you charge any gap fees?

There are certain NDIS service providers who would charge certain expenses, which remain uncovered by the NDIS. These are called gap fees that need to be paid up front. Thus, you need to ask whether the service provider has these gap fees.

Are the support workers well trained?

Providing NDIS support services is not a very easy task. It takes a lot for the NDIS Support Workers in Brisbane to provide the custom support needed by the participants. Thus, you need to  ask service providers whether they are adequately trained and qualified to provide the best service as and when needed.

How do the support workers handle the feedback?

These NDIS service providers have to be truly professional to handle the feedback, in regards to any lacuna in the service. They need to have an able management that will be able to take the feedback sportingly and plug in the loophole to take the service to another level.

Taking all these into account, Liberty Health Services is one of the best NDIS service providers to turn to. Call us to ask these and many more questions.