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At Liberty Health Services, we have skilled, qualified and trained experts at our disposal to assist the disabled. So, if you are looking for local NDIS service providers in Gold Coast who can take care of you, the participant or your loved one who is under the scheme, you are at the right place. Moreover, as a customer-centric organisation, we offer a plethora of support services to meet the varied needs of our clients. In addition, our in-depth knowledge and experience in supporting the participants have made us one of the most trustworthy organisations around. On top of that, we customise our support and care services so that you, the participant, can live your life to the fullest. So, if you are looking for the right support workers to meet your needs and help you live with your head held high, contact us today.

Our NDIS support workers in Gold Coast assess the physical and mental condition of the participants and talk to the family members and other caregivers since a coordinated approach is always beneficial for the participants. At the same time, our support workers always respond to the needs of the participants. Thus, they are flexible and strive their best to make the lives of the participants a fulfilling one.

What Makes Us the Most Sought After Provider of NDIS Services in Gold Coast?


As an acclaimed provider of NDIS services in Gold Coast, we always emphasise the abilities and strengths of the participants. We never highlight the drawbacks or the negative aspects. This is what makes us a distinguished provider. Since we are a result-oriented organisation as we have already mentioned, we wish to see you smiling since that is our aim, to put a smile on your face.

To retain our position as the top NDIS providers in Gold Coast, we work with our clients, hand in hand. Whatever service it might be, we walk them through each and every aspect of the plan so that they can gain a good idea about the same. In fact, this also helps them develop a deeper understanding with which they can make the right decisions.

Features of Liberty Health Services as an NDIS Provider


Liberty Health Services is the local Gold Coast NDIS provider on whom you can rely. The reasons are the features that include


  • 24/7 services for the participants
  • Providing the details and intricacies about each NDIS plan
  • Coordinated support with the best approaches
  • Following the NDIS guidelines and the suggestions of physicians while assisting participants


To explore a service under NDIS, feel free to get in touch with us.

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